Free Explainer Videos – How to Create One?

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Free Explainer Videos – How to Create One?

There are many reasons why people use professional explainer video production companies. The fact is that the best companies in this area are able to create incredible videos that will deliver your message in the best way. This is natural because the people who work there are true professionals. However, there are a few reasons why someone would like to try creating free explainer videos. Obviously, we are talking about a DIY approach that will allow you to create an explainer video for free. There are a few excellent software solutions and online explainer video creators that you can use for this purpose. But, before we present some of them, we should mention the benefits of using free explainer videos – they will help you save money, you will get a chance to express your creativity and you will improve your skills and eventually your business too.

Easy Sketch Pro

While it is true that Easy Sketch Pro doesn’t have many users, it is also true that this explainer video creator is worth trying. This software is used for the creation of whiteboard doodles and relies on the well-known drag and drop concept that makes things much easier. It may take a while to master it, but if everything goes well you will get the perfect explainer video.


Moovly is another great example of a modern explainer video maker. With the help of this software, you can add audio files and images that you have created on your own. In this way, you can come up with an original whiteboard animation that will include all the media you want. As a bonus, users can check and use their fantastic editing tools.


Thanks to VideoScribe, you can make impressive, high-quality animation videos. Once again, we are presenting an explainer video maker that creates whiteboard videos. Keep in mind that most of the free explainer video makers are focused on 2D animations. The paid ones allow users to create 3D videos. VideoScribe is especially useful for people who don’t have technical knowledge in this area and don’t have any designing skills. They also provide royalty-free images and music.


This free explainer video maker is becoming very popular these days. It offers five different video styles and comes with over 120 types of animations. We really liked their infographics and typography template styles that can spice up your content.

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