Why are explainer videos good for both businesses and applications?

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Why are explainer videos good for both businesses and applications?

An explainer video is a trending topic in the last couple of years. In case you didn’t know, explainer videos represent short video intros to a new business or a new product/service. Typically, a video of this kind lasts for no more than two minutes. Even in this short period of time, a successful explainer video will provide answers to simple questions related to specific businesses or products. The main objective of explainer videos is to explain what certain products are used for and why the potential buyer should choose that product over the others. Of course, these things are presented in a creative and fun way.

Many people compare explainer videos to pitching ideas to managers, business partners or investors. These ideas must be presented in a short period of time and they must be presented in a way that will keep the listener interested. In other words, you have to arouse interest in the audience.

For any new business (or an established business), a good explainer video can become an effective marketing tool. If you have spent some money and time on creating a business website or an app, you probably want to make some profit too. In order to achieve this goal, you have to ensure that the right audience has found our app or website. In addition, users must be sure that they want to get your product or use your company and this is where explainer videos come into play.

Experts have identified more than one reason why explainer videos are more effective compared to conventional text descriptions. For example, these explainer videos are more interactive. It is possible to deliver more information in a simpler and quicker manner because the video and audio elements will probably keep the attention of the viewer. Let’s not forget that modern internet users have very short attention spans. Furthermore, with the help of explainer videos your products/service, and your brand in general, will become more visible to the audience in different media. You can share this video on different sales channels – your website, social media, forums, video-sharing platforms etc. Without any doubt, explainer videos will boost the conversion rates too. After all, the main purpose of explainer videos is to help people understand why they would want to purchase a product like that.

Now that you know what explainer videos are all about, it is time to find a video production company or create a video like this on your own.

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