What is the Best Music Production Software for Beginners?

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What is the Best Music Production Software for Beginners?

Choosing a music production software as a beginner can be a complex task as this will determine the quality of your music. You want everything to work out well, to make the great ideas in your mind coming to reality.

Before selecting music production software, you need to be sure that this is what you really want to use for a long time. Software that you will grow with as you advance in your music career and become a more experienced music producer.

Here are some of the best music production software you can use as a beginner

Apple Garageband

Works on Mac

As a beginner in music production, Garageband software is one of your best choices. It is free to use and you will easily download it on App Store. Through it, you’ll learn how to work with some great tools. Garageband will also allow you to produce a song that has more than 200 tracks and to make it better; you can add virtual session drummers.

DarkWave Studio

Works on Windows

This music production software works on windows and is free to use. You can easily download it online and when you install it, it won’t take up too much space. Despite being free, the software has adware.

Among the key features are Virtual Studio, Sequence Editor, MultiTrack Hard Disk Recorder, and Pattern Editor, among others. These options may seem too hard to use at the beginning but as you continue learning, you will find it very friendly.


Works on Windows, Macs, and Linux

This is a digital audio editor whose main purpose is to manipulate audio data. You can also use the software to organize various audio bits to make a coherent whole.

The greatest strength for this music production software is that you can mac use it on different platforms. If you own a Mac and you decide to change it tomorrow, you’ll not have to change the software.

Ableton Live 9 Lite

Works on Windows and Mac

This is a digital audio workstation that is made to facilitate live performance, remixing songs, music recording, among other tasks.

As a beginner, you’ll find this app quite complex but with a little mentorship, you will find it quite friendly. The cost of this software is also quite high as the standard version will cost over $350.

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