Take a look at some of the best tools for creating and editing all kinds of animated explainer videos! Create your own beautiful animated video!

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to create a video to present your new products or services or you are just looking to impress your business partners and co-workers with an incredible presentation, a little animation is always a great idea. Let’s face it – things are much more interesting and fun when there is a flare included, right?
A lot of people think that creating an animated video is really complicated and almost impossible to do, if you don’t hire the services of professional video makers and editors. Well, you are wrong, as today, everyone can make their own animated explainer video.
There are so many great tools out there that can help you create the best animated explainer video. These exact tools will also help you edit your video, and make it amazing, and according to your needs and preferences.
We are going to present you some of the best tools for creating and editing all kinds of animated explainer videos:
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4. Wideo:

This is a free tool that will help you create basic and simple animations. You can select a template and photos from your personal library and transform them into short, fun, and interesting videos. The main purpose of the tool is to help businesses create basic animated commercials.

5. Stupeflix Video Maker:

if you want to tell a story with your online content, this is the perfect tool for you. You can mix images, videos, music, text, maps and allow this tool to produce the perfect explainer video in just a few seconds. It is free and easy to try!

6. Xtranormal Movie Maker:

Another great tool for making and editing animated videos. This tool allows you to turn anything you type into a CG movie. You can set up the scene, enter the script, and animate it quickly.

7. Vibop:

This tool can make your explainer videos shine with just a few clicks and a few minutes out of your time. All you need to do is add an animated intro, find the right filter, a silent movie theme, a cartoon look, and other effects. It is fun, easy, and fast!
There you go! Now you know the best tools for creating and editing animated explainer videos! Have you already tried any of these tools? Which one is your favorite? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below!

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